2014. július 12., szombat

Színes duók valódi ásványokkal - Coupled up :)

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rubin színű jáde és rózsakvarc fülbevaló

Sweet Roses
ruby-coloured jade and genuine rosequartz
Nyári napfény (mézcseppek)
karneol és színezett howlit (türkinit)

Honey drops
genuine carnelian with dyed howlite


For those who are interested in the historical meaning of stones, 
here are some nuggets of information from the internet:
(not a prescription :)

Rose quartz:
related to the Heart Chakra
the stone of heart and love, tenderness and sensuality
some use it to restore harmony and trust, comforting grief.

Purple Jade: 
purifies the aura, encourages happiness, dispels negative energy, balances the nerves
the stone of healers and educators
the "dream stone"

the stone of motivation, courage, endurance, stamina
some use it to enhance passion, also helps public speakers and singers
orange crystals are often considered to be fertility symbols
Egyptian architects wore it as talisman to guard against accidents

the calming stone, relieves stress of all kind
absorbs anger, relieves insomnia

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